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Loved in France since 1846, now available in the UK

A taste of true love: LU has teamed up with TV celebrity Fred Sirieix in our first ever UK campaign encouraging you to taste the love baked into our delicious biscuits!

Our Products

A lot of love goes into our biscuits and every recipe has stood the test of time. They bring something special to the table, each with their own delicious flavour.

  • Le Petit Chocolat

    Le Petit Chocolat

    A delicious layer of chocolate on top of a crunchy biscuit base.

  • Le Petit Beurre

    Le Petit Beurre

    An irresistible buttery flavour with just a hint of salt.

  • Le Petit Biscotte

    Le Petit Biscotte

    A sublime crunch, with the warming flavours of cinnamon and brown sugar.

  • Le Petit Citron

    Le Petit Citron

    A soft baked texture, with the addition of a delicate lemon twist.

  • 5th product picture

    Le Petit Ganache

    Golden buttery biscuit filled with a silky choco-hazelnut flavour filling

Everything started in 1846

Everything started in 1846

LU’s story begins in 1846 and in true French style, romance played a key role in their creation. In the city of Nantes, Jean-Romain Lefèvre and Pauline-Isabelle Utile fell in love over their shared passion for baking and their desire to make the most delicious biscuits. Putting the first initials of their surnames together, LU was born.

Thanks to the excellence of Lefèvre-Utile’s recipes, the biscuits factory gained a stellar local reputation. In 1882, LU even won the gold medal during the Nantes Exhibition.

Over 176 years later, LU remains an icon of French culinary heritage.

Harmony Charter

Wheat grown in harmony with you and the planet

Harmony Charter

In 2008, LU launched the Harmony program in partnership with local farmers, with the aim of growing wheat in a more sustainable way

So far, we’ve partnered with 1,525 farmers and 18 millers across Europe.

Our Harmony charter covers 35 different sustainable practices.

We strive to protect biodiversity, care for the soil, reduce emissions and preserve water.

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